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Oct. 28th, 2010

Wow a whole yr.. been awhile on here....

I miss LJ

been so long!! man. but yeah, so cold. i hate it. im still seperated from my hubby. 6 mths now. dumbass. oh well. his loss. im happy wiht just me and my kiddies!! so heres our holiday pic. ^_^

LJ crappin Out

anyone elese havign issues w/ LJ? on all the computers i have, it says there is an error, so it has to be LJ cuz how can every computer have same problem??? gay, cant look at my stuff now. sad.


Just got back from weekend away. so nice. im burnt but i enjoyed so much time in the sun, when usually we only get rain. but wonderful. and our kitties missed us. ^_^ hehe. always nice to come home, i just wish my home was somewehre i LOVE. there are so many things wrong with where im living. state,weather, house is messed up. but i guess i shouldnt complain. i have a loving hubby, wonderful kids, cute kitties. and an actual house we live in, not random apartment.

vacations are so stressfree, BUt when you come back. BAM its back. -_-

Happy Easter


Yay for me

yesterday was THE best day. i have the best hubby in world. sushi, movie, some extras. ha.. and he cooked dinner for us. such an awesome guy. love him.

up early today, not cuz of the day but bcuz of hubby going back to school. hard for me to get back to sleep after he leaves. miss hiim..

also happy bday to PAUL RUDD. ;p i guess i celebrated both our bdays by seeing his new movie yesterday!!


Wooot. tomorrow is my bday!!.

today going on a date with hubby. kids going to grandparents. ^_^ surpise on where im going. hubby has school and work tomorrow so why we are going today. tomorrow going out to lunch/have cake/presents with my family. ha yes im tht old and still get gifts. ^_^
WOO HOO. 3 weeks until my bday!

No One Cares

So lately i havent been writing in here, bcuz not like anyone reads it or cares to both commenting. sad. but yeah, as for update, things are great with me. hubby and me are GREAT!!!! so content. so in love. just happy, no huge fights. great. hes being loving adn showing it more. WAY MORE.

Today it SNOWED. gosh isnt it supposed to be spring soon? like end of this week? gay. gay washington. usually just rains, but no, lately all we get is snow. crazy ass weather. but yeah, today had family... acutally EVERY DAY hubby has off, we have been making it family day. very nice. but so tired. it was so wet,cold. carrying kids in and out of car constantly.. very tiring..

but to me, me and my hubby are THE REAL DEAL. compared to EVERYONE we know. i mean everyone we know once they get to a certain point they all break up with thier special ones. we are going on 7 yrs. i know NO other couple gong that long. not bragging. but to me, its like no other couple knows what TRUE love is. just say they love each other then bam, they dont anymore. how can you NOT love someone anymore? i mean i would only break up with my hubby if he cheated on me. any other reason. never. but yeah, and when we do fight we NEVER let it last longer then couple hours. we NEVER go to sleep mad. just make up and are ok. cuz duh, every couple fights. not just happy go lucky.

so yeah, im gonna post a pic. just to make this post a little prettier..this is what the hubby got me for vday. its a book of pictures with captions on them that hewrote himself.. its an ACTUAL book. and of pictures of US.. just awesome..
yeah so one of the pages



Lately things have been looking up for us. as of to the post couple ones ago. but i am doing much better. we are getting HUGE tax return. ^_^  get to get so many thngs that have been put off in past years. i just cant wait. my mind will be so much more clear and weight off my shoulders lifted, cuz some of these things just are always in back of my head, burning holes into it.

but i need to get back on this more. post more, and check my communities more. cuz they offer some awesome things but i ALWAYS miss it. i just got a new one made for me, its so damn cute. i LOVE IT! i want more just like it. T_T wish i knew how to make things/come up with ideas for myself. i just know basics, and they arent that great. T_T

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